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Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions and answers are designed to provide a general understanding of Coral Creek Club and the available membership opportunities. These questions and answers are only summary in nature, the Member Plan should be read for a complete description of the membership offering.

Q: What is the purpose of the Club?
A: The Club is a place where members can golf, relax, and socialize in a comfortable, casual environment and experience a full service golf facility and a magnificent golf course.

Q: What is the membership opportunity at the Club?
A: Coral Creek Club is a private golf club located in Placida, Florida featuring an outstanding golf course and an award-winning clubhouse. The Club is offering a limited number of Certificate and Social memberships.

Q: What facilities are available to members of the Club?
A: The Club features an 18-hole Tom Fazio designed golf course, practice range and practice putting green. The Club also features an award-winning clubhouse and includes a living room, dining room, bar, outdoor dining, men’s locker room and lounge, ladies locker room and lounge.

Q: What are the privileges of membership?
A: The Certificate membership includes full golf, social and dining privileges.

Q: What are the special features of membership in the Club?
A: In addition to exceptional Club facilities, Certificate membership in the Club offers a number of attractive benefits, including:

  • Private: Member Candidates must be sponsored.
  • Refundable Membership Deposit: During the first five years of membership eighty-five percent of the Membership Deposit paid for a Certificate membership is refundable after resignation and redemption of the membership in accordance with the Member Plan. After five years of membership, eighty-five percent of the current rate of the Membership Deposit for a Certificate membership is refundable after resignation and redemption of the membership in accordance with the Member Plan.
  • Transferable Membership: A Certificate membership is transferable to a spouse, significant other, adult child or immediate family member of the Certificate member or spouse, as described in the Member Plan.
  • Family Privileges: All memberships are family memberships entitling the member, the member’s spouse or significant other and immediate dependent family members age 22 and under to membership privileges.
  • Redemption List: People on the redemption list do not have to wait until the Club reaches 275 dues-paying Certificate Members to be redeemed. Currently, the Club will redeem one on the redemption list for every three new Certificate Memberships issued by the Club.
  • Automatic Redemption: A Certificate Member is entitled to receive a refund of his/her membership deposit, without interest, 30 years from the date of the Certificate Member's admission to the Club unless the member elects to continue their membership.

Q: Are the number of memberships in the Club limited?
A: Yes In order to ensure a high standard of service and accessibility that our members expect, the Club shall have no more than 275 dues-paying Certificate Members.

Q: May I invite guests to the Club?
A: Having your friends enjoy the Club’s outstanding facilities with you is a wonderful benefit of membership. Members are encouraged to invite guests to the Club subject to reasonable rules and regulations adopted by the Club to preserve the exclusivity of its facilities.

Q: Will my family members be welcome at the Club?
A: Each membership includes full privileges for the member, member spouse or significant other and the immediate dependent family members Immediate dependent family members include children 22 years of age and younger.

Q: Who is eligible to acquire a membership in the Club?
A: All invitations for membership will be made by the Club. The Club’s goal is to create and maintain a premier club, which offers an enjoyable experience for its members.  The Club reserves the right to implement policies with respect to membership which will ensure the enjoyment of all members.

Q: How do I become a member?
A: Anyone interested in membership must be sponsored and must complete a Membership Application. Upon acceptance of a candidate’s Membership Application, an Admission Agreement must be signed and submitted with payment of the required membership deposit or initiation fee.

Q: Who do I contact with additional questions?
A: Please contact the Director of Membership, Alan Pope at 941-697-0612.